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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I clean glue off the flooring during installation?

It is best to ask the glue company what is recommended for their specific product.  We sell the glue remover for the glue we carry made by Fortane. Most glues require the product to be cleaned immediately as you go to prevent curing.

Is our solid flooring suitable for Below Grade installation? Why or why not?

No, these are high moisture areas not suitable for solid flooring.  Engineered flooring has a greater moisture resistance and is suitable for most locations.

What are examples of an On Grade, Above Grade and Below Grade flooring installation location?

On Grade-ground level, Above Grade- upstairs, Below Grade- basement or floor below ground level.

Do we provide a set number of lengths per box?

No, products are sold as random lengths and we do not guarantee a certain amount of each length.  If an installer is concerned or inexperienced wanting a set “pattern” from us, you can suggest that he just opens and sorts lengths before beginning to insure a good mix while installing.

What is the 6” rule?

A separation of no less than 6” is required for end joints in adjoining rows.

What is the purpose of an expansion gap and how big should it be?

The expansion gap should be ¾” and its purpose is to allow the wood to expand and contract as needed to prevent the floor from buckling over time.

What percent of moisture is acceptable for engineered flooring?


What is the required grade and thickness for a plywood subfloor?

Exterior grade CDX & pieces no larger than ¾” x 48” x 48”.

What is the ideal humidity and temperature range for a home with solid hardwood flooring?

Between 30% and 50% humidity & 60-80 degrees.

Is opening the ends of the boxes and plastic an acceptable method of acclimation?

No, for proper acclimation product should be removed entirely from the boxes and plastic, and stacked in a waffle pattern in the environment that it will be installed in.

How long do you need to acclimate the solid and engineered flooring?

We recommend 3-5 days minimum for engineered and 5-7 days minimum for solid. However, that is a general guideline and most importantly a moisture test should be done prior to installation.



How many times can my 3mm engineered floors be re-finished?

Up to twice, however for most of our engineered products the stain and or scraping would need to be re-done as well.

Can I apply anything to get a shiny finish on my floor?

Unless you are sanding off your existing finish, no other finish will adhere to the top of it.    Any alterations made to your factory finish will void the finish warranty.

Which cleaners do you recommend for Elegance floors?

Squeaky Cleaner for hardwood floors or a cleaner designed for real wood floors with an aluminum oxide finish.  It is best to try any new product on a small area first to make sure you are satisfied with the results.


Product Information

What grade is Elegance wood flooring considered?

Running line & fully warrantied products are all considered “select and better”.

Is there formaldehyde in Elegance floors?

Elegance products are Carb compliant, but yes, there is a minimal amount, being less than what is allowed according to CA regulations and federal standards.

What are benefits of engineered flooring over solid flooring?

Price, areas which they can be installed, and a wider width selection.

How many layers of finish do Elegance products have and what type of finish is it?

7 layers of finish including aluminum oxide and poly urethane.

Are Elegance engineered floors rotary peeled or sliced?




What is the warranty on your moldings?

Summit honors the same warranty as us, 25 yr. finish & lifetime structural.

Does the Elegance warranty cover solid, glue down installation?

Though it is not our recommend method of installation for solid installation, doing so will not void your warranty.  However, if bonding failure does occur it will be the glue warranty that comes into play. Make sure the glue warranty covers solid glue down for the thickness of the wood that is being installed, and they will also need to follow the spread rate and trowel size suggested by the glue company specific to their product.

Does your warranty cover installation over radiant heating?

Our warranty does not cover installation over radiant heating.

What is Elegance’s commercial warranty?

Our warranty does not cover commercial installation.

Would changes in color due to patina, be something that is covered by your warranty? Why or why not?

No, this is a natural ageing process of certain wood species.  The changes cannot be precisely predicted or measured but depending on the species.