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How do I clean glue off the flooring during installation?

Is our solid flooring suitable for Below Grade installation? Why or why not?

What are examples of an On Grade, Above Grade and Below Grade flooring installation location?

Do we provide a set number of lengths per box?

What is the 6” rule?

What is the purpose of an expansion gap and how big should it be?

What is the required grade and thickness for a plywood subfloor?

Is opening the ends of the boxes and plastic an acceptable method of acclimation?

How long do you need to acclimate the solid and engineered flooring?



How many times can my 3mm engineered floors be re-finished?

Can I apply anything to get a shiny finish on my floor?

Which cleaners do you recommend for Elegance floors?

Product Information


What grade is Elegance wood flooring considered?

Is there formaldehyde in Elegance floors?

What are benefits of engineered flooring over solid flooring?

How many layers of finish do Elegance products have and what type of finish is it?



What is the warranty on your moldings?

Does the Elegance warranty cover solid, glue down installation?

Does your warranty cover installation over radiant heating?

What is Elegance’s commercial warranty?

Would changes in color due to patina, be something that is covered by your warranty? Why or why not?